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Several studies carried out worldwide have pointed to a specific connection the seasons with heart problems. According to the reports that have derived through long study and research has shown that winters is the time of the year when people succumb to more heart diseases than any time of the year. There are very real indications that during winter people are susceptible to the dangers of heart attacks and angina. We will take a look at those and find out how you can stay away from obvious traps and stay healthy.

Peak in Hypertension and Heart Failure

During winter the risk of hypertension is at its peak. To keep the body warm Cooper Kupp Game Jersey , the heart pumps faster and in patients who already have abnormal systolic or diastolic activity comes under the risk of an attack. In many studies, it has been observed that blood pressure trends in adults show a definite peak in winter and dips in summer. The increase in heart鈥檚 activity adds to the risk of intracerebral hemorrhage in winter.

In winters, the blood vessels constrict. This puts an additional load on the heart. As the cardiac system works harder and faster Gerald Everett Game Jersey , blood pressure increases, thereby adding to the dangers of an attack. Also, cold weather thickens blood Todd Gurley II Game Jersey , another reason for the heart to work harder to push blood into the constricted arteries and vessels.

Increase in Respiratory Infections

A marked increase in respiratory problems is definitely a cause of concern for heart patients. Since most patients are past their youth and their immunity is on the decline due to natural causes, it is also easy for them to catch a cold or a respiratory infection. When you can鈥檛 breathe easy, it makes your heart work even harder. Anything that makes you heart hard will add to the risk of a heart attack.

How to Minimize Risk and Stay Healthy

Keeping your heart healthy is a constant effort. This should become your top priority during winters. Here are a few steps for that. In case you have a cause of worry Aaron Donald Game Jersey , or someone you know is complaining of discomfort in the chest don鈥檛 lose a moment in consulting the Best heart surgeon in India.

Simple lifestyle changes

In winters, the early morning hours aren鈥檛 fit for walks. The air is high in particulate matter hanging in the atmosphere. You should avoid breathing this in because you will be putting yourself at higher risks than doing any good. You can obviously walk or jog or do mild aerobic exercises when the sun clears the fog. Whenever possible prevent staying out late in the night or during the wee hours of the morning.

Immunity enhancing diet

Keeping immunity high is very necessary, especially in winters. Eat healthy and pick foods that will help you stay warm and fit in winters. Irrespective of the season you should always eat healthy and that will help you stay fit year long.

Ditch smoking if you haven鈥檛 already

Taking in oxygen is already difficult in winters. By smoking you are only making things worse and inviting danger. Also Eric Dickerson Game Jersey , smoking will surely cause you respiratory infections if nothing else. There isn鈥檛 one good reason why you should continue smoking.
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